Manifested Heaven on Earth. 

Look at the view from this glass box in the sky where Heaven and Earth meet. 

It is my inspiration, it is what inspires me to inspire you and the world.

It is my fairy tale dream home where I live life beyond my wildest dreams. 

Enter the Transformation Show headquarters... 

Enter the minds of the best kept secrets of the world. 
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  • You desire to have exemplary health in all areas: physical, mental, spiritual 
  • ​You are the 1% when you look around you, and you long for more
  • ​You seek the only the very best, and you desire to be unbroken, untouched by difficulty, and whole
  • ​You thrive in an environment of the best ideas, the most provocative thought leadership, and are curious for more
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Learn to transcend your final limitations. 
"...compelling...full of surprises. I am grateful!"
–Rose Marie Swanson–
"A powerful experience... in alignment with my energy… gifted with creating Divine community and intuitive as well. I highly recommend."
–Anne Deidre–
"Enlightening… a heart of gold."
–Mariah Brown–
"Durva is warm and wonderful, a person of great integrity. 
I am honoured to know her both personally and professionally."
–Paul Becker–
"...exceptional insight into the human condition able to see past the superficiality of our day-to-day masks into underlying hopes, fears and dreams. Moreover she has the unique ability to offer pathways for individuals to move beyond doubt, confusion, and self-criticism to affirmative action enhancing their life experience."
–Janet Clayton–
"...a complete success in every regard."
–Dick Sanders–
"An incredibly inspired woman…has made a great difference. A glorious light filled presence…powerful! It is such a great blessing when we find this great of a soul alliance. I am forever grateful."
–Aurora Juliana Ariel–
“I very much enjoyed working with host Durva Gandhi as guest speaker. 
Durva is a friendly, accessible host who makes an effort to let the guests speak and express in accordance with their personal style and offer.
She knows how to highlight and support presentations, goes with the flow, and asks the right questions... timely and honest... I wish her all the best.”
–Arathi Ma–
"Durva is insightful, perceptive and positive. When I integrated all these areas of my life I was astounded by what happened."
–Kumar Shah–

CLICK BELOW to have the Miracle Manifesting Queen share her best kept secrets on how to get a life beyond your wildest dreams…

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